Healthy Lifestyle of the Present-Day Consumers: A Review


  • Zhang Yi School of Business, Xinxiang University, Xinxiang, Henan, China


Healthy lifestyle, Physical and mental health, Healthy consumption, Responsible lifestyle, Sustainable lifestyle


Living a happy and healthy life has always been people's top priority. Healthy lifestyle (HL) is essential for improving the quality of lives and improving health. Trends in global consumption show that consumers are adopting healthier, more balanced lifestyles. Healthy lifestyles are deeply integrated with people's daily life and are reflected in consumers' behaviors. Along with physical and mental health, healthy consumption lifestyles and responsible and sustainable lifestyles are equally important as time changes and lifestyles change. Although the importance of a healthy lifestyle is generally recognized, discussions on this topic are largely fragmented, superficial, and incomplete. This study reviewed the literature related to healthy lifestyles in the last five years and highlights the development of the concept, the main aspects included, the theory used, and the predictors and outcomes of healthy lifestyle that are discussed in the previous studies.  




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